Why Indiana Prison Writers Workshop is needed

Indiana Prison Writers Workshop (IPWW) was founded in September 2018 by Debra Des Vignes who taught a single creative writing class to ten men at Plainfield Correctional Facility. Since then, IPWW has grown into an organization with a team of nine facilitators who use a single curriculum to lead writing workshops inside five Indiana state prisons; one community-based site for ex-offenders, and three prisons in Alabama.

In a world that often looks down upon those who have made mistakes, the Indiana Prison Writers Workshop stands as a beacon of hope, offering incarcerated individuals the chance to transform their lives through the power of words, accessing deeper levels of the heart. This unique program has not only proven the therapeutic benefits of creative expression but has also demonstrated how education and creativity can break down barriers and foster positive change within the prison system.

The process of drafting, editing, and revising encourages critical thinking and communication abilities goes beyond healing and develops important life skills preparing them for reintegration into society upon release. The confidence gained through writing can translate into various aspects of life, aiding in job interviews, relationships, and personal development.

Support is offered for alumni once released from prison including publishing opportunities in online journals and in print. 


Contact us:
Indiana Prison Writers Workshop, P. O. Box 44623 Indianapolis, IN 46244