Why Indiana Prison Writers Workshop is needed

Our creative writing workshops offer an outlet for those incarcerated inside two of the state’s correctional facilities as well as for those previously incarcerated managing on the outside to engage in self-reflective, intellectual, and therapeutic writing. By using writing as a tool, offenders find the confidence and courage to write from their hearts. The voiceless become empowered and, together, we find hope and healing through written words. We don’t wait for feelings and problems to fester – we write about them.  

Our Mission
Improve the lives of those currently and previously incarcerated through writing and expression

Our Vision
Formally incarcerated individuals rejoin and strengthen their communities as law-abiding citizens

“Eternal gratitude and appreciation for your time and passion. You are an incredible teacher and facilitator and made everyone feel welcomed and heard. We cannot wait to collaborate and learn from one another again.” – Brittany Morton, Academic Program Coordinator, Homeboy Industries

“My son is currently incarcerated. I wish he would have had an opportunity to participate in a program like this.” – Family member of an offender

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