Why Indiana Prison Writers Workshop is needed

The mission of Indiana Prison Writers Workshop (IPWW) is to improve the lives of those incarcerated through writing and expression. The certificate-based workshop, in partnership with the Department of Corrections, advances critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and uncovers issues once buried. IPWW prepares men and women for successful re-entry and the tempo of life in the free society through creative writing and improved communications.

We write about race, poverty, social integration, the frailty of mind and body, vulnerability through trauma, victimization, mental illness, and drug and alcohol addiction. We write about hope and new beginnings. We write cover letters and offer frequent grammar tests to measure program progress and build success. Learn more on the Programs Page.

Comments on the feedback forms to-date provide strong evidence that participants gain:

• Deeper sense of fulfillment, self-confidence and pride
• More thoughtful communication skills and improved grammar
• Ability to reflect and advance critical-thinking

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